With Christmas right around the corner, I have a little challenge for you. This Christmas, why don't we all try keeping Christ in Christmas and steering clear of some of the commercialism that seems to grip our country. It doesn't mean you can't give or receive gifts, it just mean that while all the giving and receiving is happening, you realize that there is a greater underlying meaning to why we are celebrating!

Wishing you all a very, merry Christmas!
This week I challenge you to tell all of your friends about the beauty and love of Jesus Christ!!!
Show the world the beauty  of His love and tell them that God is always with them and they are never alone.
(You could show them this website too, but thats not the point.... 
God's love is never-ending!
Tell your friends that God has a special place in Heaven just for them.
Tell them that He cannot wait to meet them...
Share the Glory
Share the Beauty
Our God is an AWESOME GOD
He reigns with wisdom, power, and love

This week I challenge you to be nice to anyone who you get annoyed with really easily. Maybe its a person in school or maybe its your little sister or brother. But try it no matter who it is because God wants us to be kind to everyone.

Think about this, you just bombed a test, while the rest of the class aced that same test. You are probably wishing that one of those kids who aced the test was you.  So what those students aced the test, you are perfect the way you are and God doesn't want you to be any different. Still you are feeling guilty, no need. No one is perfect, we all sin. No one, absolutely No One, can ace every test. Maybe next time you'll just have to study harder to get a better grade. Just remember that no matter what you get on your next test, God will still love you just as much. That's another part of the truth of God's everlasting love!!  :)      :)


My dad and I are doing a book thing together. It lasts for 20 weeks. Each week I get a new assignment to do, this week my assignment is to...

Journal about the truth of God's everlasting love... (well, that's the first part)

I think that the truth of God's everlasting love is that He will never stop loving you. Think about it, even when you do something wrong, He doesn't keep reminding you about it, He puts you back on track. He doesn't focus on what you have done, but what you are and will be doing. You are His child, and no matter what you've done, He loves you.

The other part of the assignment is to, Show an act of kindness or love to someone in your family this week. I know this may be hard for some of us, but God tells us to," Honor our mother and father." God also wants us to love our siblings. This could mean giving your little brother the last chocolate chip cookie, or letting your little sister pick out the movie she wants to watch. I know siblings can be annoying, but they love you, and deep down, you love them too.