Happy Belated New Years!!!!
I cannot believe that we have already said goodbye to 2009!
The year went by so quick and I am sure that this year will too.
Cherish each day because it will only be January 21 etc. etc., 2010  once.
I pray that this year is filled with love and happiness.

We may go through tough times but with the Lord, our God, standing beside us
Ready to catch us when we fall,
I am sure that this year will be awesome.

I hope that you  have an amazing 2010!!!!!!
Loves God Girl 87
1/31/2010 06:50:14

Your totally right!!! i CANT BELIEVE THIS YEAR WENT BY SOOO FAST!!! Awesome site I am goin to tell all my friends about it!!

7/11/2012 12:36:32

Nice info dude

LiveOutYourFaith Website
8/25/2012 16:10:50

Thanks for the feedback! It means a lot! :)


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