Part of what I am writing here, I learned at youth group.

The value of you: It's not what you have, where you live, or the clothes you where, or even the money you or your family has. The value of you is who you are, the person God created you to be.

Think about this: All of your belongings have been taken away, how many of your friends now would  still be your friend? Make friends that you know enjoy you for who you are and not what you have.


Have  you heard of the singer Steven Curtis Chapman? If so, have you heard his song "See the Glory"?This is a really great song, seriously. When it comes to truly seeing His glory, it is like we are playing Gameboy when we are in the beautiful Grand Canyon. Or like we are wading in a pond when we could see the big, blue, clear ocean. Have you ever really thanked Him for all you have, for the beauty of where you live? What about for the value of who you are? God has blessed you in so... many ways, but sometimes, we don't even thank Him for it. When we become a Christian and live a new life, we are able to wake up a little bit more and see the beauty of His world.