Hey! So first, let me start by saying that I am sorry about the lack of update on this site. I've been busy, but I will try to be on here more often. 
    Anyways, I wanted to make this post about a missions trip I went on...a missions trip that was only a half hour away from home. I've always known poverty was 'real', but I've never seen it. When people would talk about impoverished people they'd seen, I would feel bad, but I guess I never realized just how bad some situations were. This trip helped me see just how bad and how real it was. It made me see that poverty isn't something that is happening hundreds of miles away, but something that is happening so near to home. 
    My week officially began on a Monday when I had to wake up at 6:15 a.m. After breakfast, my group headed out to our work site. Our job was making bunk beds for kids who were currently sleeping on the ground. We measured, cut, sanded, drilled, stained, and assembled a total of 10 sets of bunk beds. Making the bunk beds was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done...especially when it came time to deliver them to the families who so desperately needed them. On one of the deliveries, I met an 8 year old girl, named Heidi, and her siblings. Getting to interact with the kids was such a cool experience, as was seeing their faces light up like it was Christmas morning when they saw their bunk bed. I loved having been a part of that smile. I loved being able to be the hands and feet of God to that family. It was so humbling and rewarding and it really makes me thankful for everything God has provided me with.

The title of this should explain what this whole blog is about... Jesus.
The hope of the nations.
The Savior.
The bridge to God.
The way to Heaven.
The strength in tough times.
The light in the dark.
The more I think about it, the more I realize all that Jesus is.
He is everything we need and ever will need.
He's always there and will always be there. 

    We all have rough times, and sometimes its easy to think that we are all alone and there's no hope. But there IS hope...in Jesus.
For those who aren't Christians, it may be hard to understand all Jesus is.  If you're one of those people, I'd just like to say that you should ask Jesus into your heart.  No, your problems won't go away, work will still be work, people will still be people, but you'll at least know that you are not alone on your journey, that there is someone by your side who will never leave you and who never wants to leave you. Someone who cared enough about you to die on a cross so you could live.

Jesus IS LIFE!

Have a great week, and remember to live out your faith! Being a Christian is not something to be ashamed of, be proud to be a follower of a God who loved you so much that He sent His Son to save you!

<3 Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do and He shall direct your paths."

School is finally out! I cannot believe it! I have gone through so much this year and God has really shown Himself through it all. Each trial I went through I realized I could not have pulled through without Him (or my mom and dad). Whether it was mean girls or stress over school, God pulled me through and school ended pretty happily. I am so thankful for my family, friends, and church because without any of it, I wouldn't be complete. So thanks to everyone who has helped through the year! And a special thanks to God for making everything be alright again even when times were tough.

Have a great summer everyone!!! :) :)
Good Morning!!!  I can't believe that it has been a full week!! I went to a youth retreat last weekend so it will be nice to relax this weekend (and add more to the site). How are you today? Ready to be the kind, loving person God wants you to be or are you a little tired and cranky? I actually got a lot of sleep last night so I am ready to have a great day.

Don't worry about a thing, God will be their for you so leave the worrying to Him!
Have an awesome, worry-free, stress-free day!!!
Did you know that God is the one that makes the sunshine bright in the morning for everyone to see! Why don't we spread a little sunshine to everyone we meet! We can be His sunshine people... We make decisions for ourselves. God tells us the right decision, but we often times give in to temptation. If we make the decisions we can choose whether to wake up on the right or the wrong side of a great day.  We can choose whether to be loud and pround telling people about him or shy and standing in the background.  I say that everyone needs a little sunshine so why don't we be the sunshine people of this world for God. I challenge you to be loud and proud and telling people about your God. I know sometimes it may be hard (I know that sometimes its hard for me...sometimes I can be shy), but God has done sooo... much for us so why don't we do a little for Him.

3 cheers for sunshine!!!!
Emmanuel = God is with us
It is true...
Even when you think He's not....He's there
You are never truly alone
He is ALWAYS there
God is always and will always be there for you
God loves YOU

Think of it like this...
God came from warm-weathered Hawaii to the cold North, North-East, Midwest, etc. etc. for you
God loves you sooooooo much that He sent His ONLY Son Jesus to die on the cross for you!!!
God loves you more than you will ever know!!!!!!
You may think that you are just a kid/teen and you can't make a difference in the world around you...
I say "WRONG!!!!"
We can make a difference through the power of prayer!

Most of us heard of the earthquake(s) in Haiti
We have one way we can help them without giving money
We can pray for them
Ask God to be with these people
Ask God to give them hope
Ask God to help them start their new lives

God will listen
He has 3 answers to prayer...
or "Maybe"
Just wait
You will soon see the Miracles of His Love

Never forget....
 Ok so this is a little random but....
It amazes me thinking about the airplane.....
I mean it just kind of takes off and flies through the air...
Its almost like its flying over God's hands.....
Its just so interesting how it flies without constant crashing.....
I didn't know Social Studies and the Industrial Revolution would actually impact me this much....
Laugh Out Loud

Still it is pretty amazing how God gave us humans the power to create amazing things
Some things we even take for granted....
We never think of it.....
Things bigger than the Industrial Revolution....
Like our freedoms.....
I am free to be me
You are free to be you
But the more I think of it,
It becomes more apparent how long it took us to be where we are
Not just as a person but overall

The Freedom to worship our Lord freely
Freedom to express ourselves, our opinions....

Wow, I didn't think Social Studies would actually make me think this much....

Have a good week!!!!

Remember the line below... its true... we have but one life... so lets live it to the fullest!!!!
"We only have one life so laugh hard, love truly, and forgive quickly."

How many of you are excited for school to start again?
I know it may be a pain and you may feel like you are wasting your time but here is and idea...
why don't we try to change the world by standing up for what we believe in?
I know sometimes it may be hard but just doing that could bring more Christness into your school.
I know I have tried that... by saying no when kids at school play games that have swear words in their name or games where you have to say a swear word
Or when people swear or use our God's name in vain
Don't try to force them or scare them into believing what you believe, but stand up for what you know with grace and strength.
By doing this we can spread the truth of Jesus, the path of Jesus
People may not listen but eventually you will break through their shell and show them ways that you are following Christ's path
We are not perfect people,
But we can at least try to keep ourselves following the right path
Maybe along the way you will even pick up some kids at school and show them the path of Jesus

Just a little bit of Christness can make a huge difference!
What would the purpose of salt be if it wasn't salty? It would just be white stuff on food if it had no salty taste. What about a lamp without light? If we waste our time on silly unimportant things, then what would our purpose be? We need to be the salt and light of the world by telling others about the truth of God's love. Another way to be the salt and light of the world is to be kind to others and show them the Christian values by being kind to others and having a positive attitude. I mean seriously in school you can't be smart as a cookie if you have a crummy attitude. So here's to being the salt and light of the world.