How many of you are excited for school to start again?
I know it may be a pain and you may feel like you are wasting your time but here is and idea...
why don't we try to change the world by standing up for what we believe in?
I know sometimes it may be hard but just doing that could bring more Christness into your school.
I know I have tried that... by saying no when kids at school play games that have swear words in their name or games where you have to say a swear word
Or when people swear or use our God's name in vain
Don't try to force them or scare them into believing what you believe, but stand up for what you know with grace and strength.
By doing this we can spread the truth of Jesus, the path of Jesus
People may not listen but eventually you will break through their shell and show them ways that you are following Christ's path
We are not perfect people,
But we can at least try to keep ourselves following the right path
Maybe along the way you will even pick up some kids at school and show them the path of Jesus

Just a little bit of Christness can make a huge difference!

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