Did you know that God is the one that makes the sunshine bright in the morning for everyone to see! Why don't we spread a little sunshine to everyone we meet! We can be His sunshine people... We make decisions for ourselves. God tells us the right decision, but we often times give in to temptation. If we make the decisions we can choose whether to wake up on the right or the wrong side of a great day.  We can choose whether to be loud and pround telling people about him or shy and standing in the background.  I say that everyone needs a little sunshine so why don't we be the sunshine people of this world for God. I challenge you to be loud and proud and telling people about your God. I know sometimes it may be hard (I know that sometimes its hard for me...sometimes I can be shy), but God has done sooo... much for us so why don't we do a little for Him.

3 cheers for sunshine!!!!

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