My dad and I are doing a book thing together. It lasts for 20 weeks. Each week I get a new assignment to do, this week my assignment is to...

Journal about the truth of God's everlasting love... (well, that's the first part)

I think that the truth of God's everlasting love is that He will never stop loving you. Think about it, even when you do something wrong, He doesn't keep reminding you about it, He puts you back on track. He doesn't focus on what you have done, but what you are and will be doing. You are His child, and no matter what you've done, He loves you.

The other part of the assignment is to, Show an act of kindness or love to someone in your family this week. I know this may be hard for some of us, but God tells us to," Honor our mother and father." God also wants us to love our siblings. This could mean giving your little brother the last chocolate chip cookie, or letting your little sister pick out the movie she wants to watch. I know siblings can be annoying, but they love you, and deep down, you love them too.

2/25/2009 06:32:02 am

Very true! I love the part about siblings because yes, they annoy me, but i still love them!

1/25/2010 01:19:28 am

Your site is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!!!

1/30/2010 02:23:00 am

Thanks luci!! I am so glad you like the site.... I work hard to create it and Im glad that you enjoy it!!!


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